Even the most talented writers have difficulty breaking into the literary market. Each and every “overnight success” has a 10 year back-story of trails and struggle. If all you want is a chance to be recognized for your talent and get your stories out there, but the cost of publishing and the complexities of distribution and marketing have you feeling lost, Write On Press has a few options for your consideration.

Beginning January, 2020 Write On Press will no longer provide publishing and distribution services for the general public. The self publishing industry is changing and while Write On Press is still committed to the Independent Author, we don’t want to evolve into the typical vanity press.

To that end, Write On Press will provide Independent authors all of the services they need to self publish so they can maintain total control over their literary careers without bankrupting themselves in the process. Visit our Services page for more details.

On the other end of the spectrum are the consummate writers with talent and drive but living on such a tight budget that even our generous pricing is still out of reach. Or, the writer who is looking for a way to market their skill and author’s credit without spending their rent money on the effort. Hell, you might just be a talented writer looking for a way to make some extra cash. Keep reading for details on becoming a Write On Writer (W.O.W. – see what we did there!).

Beginning Friday February 14th, 2020, Write On Press wants you to show love to the Indie Author Community by submitting posts and articles regarding strategies, tactics and resources that have proven valuable in the self publishing effort. We will be accepting posts and articles for our Resources page and want you to be a part of the Community!

  • Original posts should be at least 250 words and no more than 1,000 words.
  • Please site sources if you use them.
  • Include links to resources you refer to in your post.
  • Include your authors’ credit, a 50 – 75 word bio (optional) and a 450X450 pixel bio pic (optional).
  • All accepted posts will be published within two to four weeks (we’ll email you in advance with the publication date so you can use it to market yourself).

Feel free to submit ideas, questions or suggestions for posts and we’ll research, write and post them as soon as we can. We’ll even mention you in the post.

Send your submissions to: Authorservice@writeonpress.com.

Use the following subject line: Post submission for the Resources page.

You can write the post in the body of the email. However, if you want to attach the post as a file, please attach as a .doc or a .docx file.

Beginning March 10th, 2020, Write On Press will be accepting short story submissions within the following literary genres:

  • Fiction,
  • Fantasy,
  • Sci-fi/Afro-Futurism,
  • Romance, &
  • Erotica/Adult

To submit a short story for consideration, send an email to: authorservice@writeonpress.com. Attach your short story as a Ms Word .doc or .docx file. Use: “Submission for Write On Press Presents” as the subject line. In the body of the email, please include your full legal name, your pen name (if different), your preferred email address, phone number (for text updates if applicable) and mailing address. You may also include a brief (250 word max) professional biography for consideration.

The Request For Submission (RFS) will close on May 10th, 2020. Selections will be made by May 15th, 2020. Authors will be notified of their selection status no later than May 18th, 2020.

Contact us at: authorservice@writeonpress.com with any questions, comments or concerns.

Subscribe to our mailing list or check the Resource page for details as we get closer to the launch date.

Beginning summer, 2020, Write On Press will launch its first annual Write On Writers Contest. Submit your best original works of literary genius! The top 25 submissions will be published and promoted at no cost to the author. These 25 authors will advance to the final round for a chance at a $500.00 cash prize!

Beginning Fall, 2020, Write for Write On Press! Submit your best short works of fiction; select authors will be offered a One Year Writer’s Contract with Write On Press!

Write On Writer (W.O.W)