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Get Published for FREE!

Yeah, of course that’s click bait. You know very well nothing in this society is free except hard times and funky looks.

However, I do want to give my fellow Indie-authors out there a heads up on a program hosted by Write On Press where you can trade a little effort and some good intentions for a bit of free marketing.  Starting this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2020, Write On Press will be accepting posts to the Resources Page.

So here’s the straight dope… Write On Press is trying to inspire other Independent Authors out there to share some of their experiences, assets, resources, tips and tricks with the rest of us schmucks struggling to hustle books and turn our daydreams into full-blown careers. In exchange for all of this positive karma, the good folks at Write On Press will promote all accepted posts and their contributors.

Here’s how you get a post accepted:

  • First, make sure the info is valuable and actionable. That means it helps people avoid mistakes you’ve already made or offers intel on how to move the ball on their literary careers (i.e. sell more books, get more exposure or spend less money, etc.).
  • Second, keep the posts between 250 and 1,000 words long.
  • Third, site any sources or include links to resources you mention in the post.
  • Finally, write like you want to be published; keep it as positive as you can and use spell check for Pete’s sake!

Once you’ve got your post together, email it to:, and put Post submission for the Resources page in the subject line. You can write the post in the email or attach it as a .doc or a .docx file. If you attach a text (.txt), file or any other file type; your post will never see the light of day.

Once your post is received and reviewed, one of the lovely ladies in Author Services will send you an email letting you know if your post was accepted and when it’ll be published on the site.

Let’s say you don’t have a few hundred words of direction for your fellow Indie-authors, that’s okay. If you have a question, idea or suggestion that you want addressed, Write On Press will research it and write a post to publish and mention you as a co-contributor, just for that half-teaspoon of effort.

Then, you promote the post and let your social media fans and followers know about it so you can get that sweet, sweet free publicity!

Pretty good deal if you ask me. Probably the closest thing to free publishing you’ll ever see these days!

Mona Lovely

Defining Success in your Literary Career

Six years ago, I made contact with a very special young man at Write On Press. He was assigned to be my Author Services Representative and I honestly had little faith in how he could help me design a career selling my stories. Inside the first 20 minutes of conversation, I remember him saying, “I hear you saying that you want to create a book that sells, but do you have any reason to create your book other than to make a buck?”

I paused to consider the question. Never had I really thought of anything other than selling stories that would free me from my eight-to-five. That freedom could only be purchased with revenues from sales. I asked him, “Sweetie, what are you getting at?”

He told me to define what success in my literary career looked like if money weren’t an issue. I’m still slightly ashamed to say that I was at a loss. I ended our session with a homework assignment to define success in my literary career.

I called in for my scheduled weekly appointment and was actually excited and anxious when my ASR greeted me with his yummy baritone on the other end of the call.

“I’m ready for you today,” I said after the standard pleasantries had been observed.

“Okay, give it to me.” We tended to flirt quite a bit.

“Success for me,” I began,” is being able to express my sensuality, freely and openly in my prose.”

“Okay, is that what you did with your first book of stories?” he asked.

“Yes,” I began to whine a bit, trying to make him feel my pout through the phone, “and the readers who bought my book loved it, but I’m not making nearly enough to quit my day job.”

My ASR asked more questions about how writing made me feel, about how I wanted to make my readers feel, and we found that my only frustration was with generating cash from sales. In our next session, my ASR suggested that I give my books away for free. I almost died.

Then he explained that if I made an affiliate arrangement with a few adult toy and lingerie websites and used my e-books and print books as ad platforms, I could continue to write how I want without worrying about the money.

To date I have given away more free copies of my work, have more fans than I could have imagined six years ago and make more money than I thought I ever would.

I guess it’s all about understanding why we write; and money just isn’t reason enough. Getting my work out there without concern for the cash was really the key to my success.

As you move through your individual journey, keep in mind that having a focus on the transitory won’t get you where you want to go. You have to be about providing real value, giving your readers the experience they lust for, and making them feel something. The money will come naturally, but only if you relax and let it happen.

Malik Sharrieff


If you are or want to become an Independent Author, I am so glad you’ve made it here!

Write On Press has been a boutique publisher specializing in helping Indie-Authors like yourself since 2012. Originally, we offered publishing consultations, publishing services and direction for authors in a very personal way. Instead of hosting an automated publishing platform, Write On Press had a small crew of writing and publishing professionals dedicating to walking authors through the publishing process and giving them the ability to publish on their own.

Over the years, the publishing game has really evolved. As a result, the automated platforms that were in their infancy in 2012 are the established platforms of choice in the industry. Of course there are still traditional publishers whom most of us daydream about getting “discovered” by and the numerous publishing services offering unending packages promising one-stop options that most of us can’t afford.

Seeing what the business was becoming, we had to decide if we were going to evolve into one of the dominant business models or figure a new way to be of service to our target authors.

2020 seemed to be a good time to re-launch our service.

We looked at what services our clients were requesting most over the past eight years and realized that most of our clients wanted advice and direction, pre-press and production services, and marketing assistance. While we still published volumes year after year, it was becoming a “loss-leader.” Meaning, authors would come for the publishing but end up really needing the support services.

Last year, the team and I decided that it made no sense to offer publishing services when any author (including us) could get those services cheaper at any of the great self-publishing platforms, vanity presses, or Print On Demand (POD) services. These are all good options depending on what type of author you happen to be. However, it just seems more reasonable to give the people what they want.

So we flipped the manuscript!

With this new launch we are focusing on providing you with the tools and direction that the other platforms and publishing houses don’t (or charge too much for). These are the services that Authors who are determined to manage their own literary business need most:

  • Advise and Direction: Publishing Consultations to help create a plan for your literary career,
  • Pre-Press and Production Services: Getting your manuscript ready for publishing,
  • Marketing Services: Developing tools and assets you can use to promote yourself and your books.

Redesigned to serve you!

Write On Press is now your resource for the services that you need before and after you have found your publishing platform of choice. We actually have great relationships with many different publishing platforms. We consider them as part of the broader literary family, not competitors. So don’t be surprised if you see articles highlighting where one or another can be of service to you in your journey. We focus exclusively on helping you make progress in your business. Every one of us at Write On Press is a published author and manages our own literary careers. So it’s easy for us to relate and see ourselves in our clients.

I want to encourage you to visit this resource page at least once each week for articles, info, tools and links to assets that will help you navigate the publishing process and find success in your literary business. You should also subscribe to our email list to get updates and information delivered to your inbox as it becomes available (it’s also the only way we’re distributing discounts on services). Finally, when you come across resources that will help your fellow indie-authors advance their careers, don’t be afraid to share. Your participation in this community will pay off not only by inspiring others to offer resources you can benefit from, but Write On Press will promote the post and contributor as long as the info is relevant and valuable (i.e. free marketing is the best!).

Happy 2020! Now, let’s get to work.


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