Pre-Press Services

These services are for the author who is preparing their concept or manuscript for publication. Services like Publishing Consultation, Proofreading, and Copy Editing are essential in crafting your vision into a best-selling literary work.

Publishing Consultation


Your Write On Press Publisher will contact you for a one-on-one consultation by phone (up to 30 minutes) or via e-mail (up to 4 email interactions) to discuss how to best develop your book concept, strategies for marketing and distribution, or any topic that might help you further your literary career.

Our professional publishers have at least a decade of experience in the field and are ready to help you get to the next level in the literary market. Click the link below to request your personal publishing consultation.

Literary Critique

$00.005/word (Minimum $225.00)

A Literary Critique is necessary if you have any doubts about your plot, dialogue, story arc(s), character development, your projects marketability, or your technical writing skills.

This service provided by a Write On Press Senior Editor will provide you with the productive critique you need to strengthen your work before moving on in the publishing process. You will receive objective feedback on how much editing your manuscript might need or target areas that might benefit from additional attention, or how you might make your project more appealing to your target reader.

All feedback is the result of the professional expertise of the editor and you are not obligated to follow any suggestion offered. However, the goal of every Write On Press staff-member is to prepare you for literary success. You’ll see this shine through in every service we provide.


$00.015/word (Minimum $225.00)

Every manuscript needs to be proofread.

Of course, there are a number of ways that you can get your manuscript proofread. You can do it yourself, or get your friends and/or family to do it for you, or maybe your old English professor is free. Typically, these strategies will eliminate about 30 – 40% of the errors commonly found in most prose. To get your project as close to 100% error free as humanly possible it is recommended that you engage a professional, objective and experienced Proofreader.

Write On Press provides a proofread service that identifies and corrects the fundamental and mechanical writing errors that pop up in every manuscript including grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax errors. We do not address structural or sentence composition errors. This service ensures that your content makes sense on a basic level and is as free from errors as possible.

Copy Edit

$00.02/word (Minimum $225.00)

Proofreading is a necessity to catch the basic mistakes that crop up in every manuscript. However, most projects will greatly benefit from the additional services provided by a professional copyeditor. Our experienced copyeditors spend time on structure, consistency and flow; navigating through your work thoroughly from start to finish, multiple times to ensure a quality copyedit.

A Write On Press Copyeditor will go beyond a basic proofread and address sentence and paragraph structure, word choice, flow, tense, and consistency. Our editors will suggest basic structural changes and seek to improve readability and reader experience.

Be aware that although the copyeditor corrects and comments on structure, flow, and consistency, he or she does not generally critique or address the manuscript’s plot development, market appeal, or character development.

Production Edit

$00.02/word (Minimum $225.00)

A production edit discusses the greatest strengths in your manuscript as well as areas for improvement, which may include storyline, character development, focus, and overall structure. In a work of fiction or in a nonfiction narrative, the edit focuses on such issues as character development and consistency, stylistic methodologies, and storyline progression.

Think of this service as an in-depth analysis of your story, narrative and the structural framework of your manuscript. It’s a must-have for more complex storylines, sci-fi, suspense, mystery and non-fiction narratives.

Post Production Proofread

$00.01/word (Minimum $225.00)

The Post Production Proofread is a service that often gets overlooked. Think of it as Quality Control. If you have completed a book project on your own, using contract services like FIVERR or ODESK, had a vanity press assist you or had a more established publisher manage the project; you still may want to consider having a fresh set of eyes and an objective perspective to identify any errors that were previously missed.

You know that it’s nearly impossible to eliminate 100% of the errors in any manuscript. However, having a proofreader review your project after it’s in book form can help identify anything that makes your book less readable, like editorial mistakes, bad line breaks, mis-formatted text, or incorrect design elements.

Pre-Press Services