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The One Tool no Ghostwriter should be Without

By Ashton Rice

Ghostwriting is a way to hone your craft quickly. While getting a grasp of where your style fits in the world of literature, using your skills as a writer is the best way to get better and stay sharp. With constant assignments and the back-and-forth communication with clients, it can become difficult to maintain a healthy workflow. The work is something any aspiring author appreciates and most are ready to rise to the challenge. Let’s be honest though, it can be a lot to juggle.

At times, you’ll find yourself writing for one editor on weekends, and another one on weekdays. Each has slightly different preferences, so at the very least you’ll need to make sure that the grammar, spelling, and syntax of your work is correct and flawless. As your fatigue kicks in, you find yourself sending poorly reviewed writing to your editors, leaving them upset and confused as to why such a talented writer suffered from such simple mistakes.

Every writer should use automated editing software, like Grammerly:

One thing that every writer in the 21st century should be using is Grammarly (or any automated editing software, I’ll use Grammarly for convenience and consistency). This used to be a discussion and debate of skill and inadequacy, but now, it is simply the more efficient way to review writing. Grammarly is the most efficient way to get your tired writer’s eyes on mistakes that would be easily overlooked otherwise. This program saves you precious time on projects and highlights basic errors and mistakes as you write. That’s kind of the beauty of it. While Grammarly will catch most issues in your writing, it still leaves the option to correct to you. So, if you are a particularly stubborn writer, this is the tool for you. As opposed to automatically changing mistakes, Grammarly brings them to your attention and lets you act on them yourself. Even if the settings are too casual–or even too professional–Grammarly allows in-depth customization for writers of every level.

 This is a tool you don’t want to overlook:

Putting off installing Grammarly is a mistake. This is a free resource that doesn’t suffer from fatigue or apathy. This program is always on its A-game and gives you the ability and time to focus on writing the best content you can produce. Feeling like you missed something after re-reading your document for the twelfth time is a horrible feeling. It is even worse when you hear from the editorial staff that your review wasn’t thorough enough.

Let Grammarly do the grunt work of finding flaws in your writing. Again, it’s free and allows you to be less focused on straining your eyes because you missed an ‘i,’ and lets you worry about your style, and what makes your writing unique. Don’t send a poorly reviewed document to your editor; let Grammarly help you find those pesky little errors and give you one less thing to worry about.

About Ashton Rice:

As a sequential art major out of SCAD, Ashton began writing as an intern editing for The Borgen Project. He learned valuable experience as an editor and writer while taking on this role, and discovered a passion for writing and sharing information and ideas through written language.

Ashton now writes for SOLRAD Magazine and Write-On e-Publishing. His passion for comics still persists, and he continues to write and illustrate his own comics while studying up and coming alternative artists for reviews and interviews for the SOLRAD Magazine. Ashton favors writing science fiction as well as contemporary fiction in his personal work.

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