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By Stefanie Newell

If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that writing is a solitary activity that keeps you isolated for long periods of time.

It’s important as a first time writer that you begin assembling a team of people that can coach and encourage you to success.

Here are the 5 most important people a writer can have in their circle:

A cheerleader. Cheerleaders come in many forms. This person can be a parent, sibling, or friend, but the only requirement is that they’re positive and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

An editor. Good edited content is crucial to your success! A good editor will help you to fine tune those areas where we’re no longer as proficient as we once were (i.e., grammar, spelling, and punctuation.)

Beta readers. Beta readers are avid readers of your genre. Think of these people as the “focus group” for your book. Because they are a part of your target audience, they will provide feedback to help cater your book to the needs of the genre.

A mentor. A mentor is someone who’s already achieved the success you are looking to attain. Being in the company of a successful person, (no matter the industry) is motivation in itself!

A writing coach. This is the expert. The person who knows the publishing industry in and out and can advise you of the correct steps to take every step of the way. Wondering whether your manuscript is ready to publish? That’s where a writing coach comes in. And of course a bonus…

Other writers. These are the people who are on a similar journey and can relate to your challenges. These are people that you communicate with regularly and help each other to become better.

I sincerely hope this list helps you to begin giving thought to the importance of a support system.

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Stefanie Newell
Writing Coach


Stephanie Newell is an incredible resource for an aspiring writer. From a publisher’s perspective, any writer who has published less than three successful volumes (less than 25,000 units sold each) and doesn’t work with a proven writing coach is not worth investing time and resources into.

Let me put it this way, even a pro NFL quarterback at the height of his career will benefit from the expertise and guidance of a coach.

Stefanie Newell, Writing Coach
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~Malik Sharrieff

Publisher/Managing Director, Write On Press

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