Stefanie Newell

By Stefanie Newell

If you’re like most of us, with already busy schedules you’re probably saying, “How can I make time to write?”

With all of the responsibilities we have as adults it does seem impossible to make time to write in an already busy day.

However, I’m of the mindset – if you really want it, you’ll make time for it!

Part of the reason we struggle with making time is because we know that it’s a huge undertaking. Writing a manuscript isn’t like writing a letter to a friend.

Completing your manuscript requires dedication, research, creativity, and last but not least time (and a lot of it). So when time is an issue, how do we conquer it?

Break it down into smaller segments!

Use whatever small window of opportunity you can grab until you can get your manuscript finished. If you have thirty minutes while your baby is down for a nap, take it!

An hour while your son is at soccer, take it! A lunch break at work, take it! Take your computer with you and write on the train on your way to work.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can get accomplished.

Remove from your mind that you need huge blocks of time in order to write.

Think about it like this… even if you write for thirty minutes you’ve advanced your story. Do that enough and you’ll see progress!


Stephanie Newell is an incredible resource for an aspiring writer. From a publisher’s perspective, any writer who has published less than three successful volumes (less than 25,000 units sold each) and doesn’t work with a proven writing coach is not worth investing time and resources into.

Let me put it this way, even a pro NFL quarterback at the height of his career will benefit from the expertise and guidance of a coach.

Stefanie Newell, Writing Coach
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~Malik Sharrieff

Publisher/Managing Director, Write On Press

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