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Using Write On Press – A Tutorial

By Malik Sharrieff

Good day to all Independent Authors out there!

Today I want to have a brief discussion on how you can get the most value out of Write On Press and the services offered on the website.   So, what I’ll do is give you guys a quick fifty cent tour of what the site offers and quickly break down how you can put those services to use in your journey from starving, unfulfilled writer to successful Independent Author.

Okay, let’s get to work.

First, we’ll start on the Home page. This is where you’ll find general information and updates.

The first section is pretty self-explanatory. The “Get Started” button takes you to the Services page and when you scroll down to the second section, if you click the “Get Free Quote” button, you will also be directed to the Services page. In fact, once you are accustomed to using the site, you’ll be spending more time on the services page than anywhere else.

In the third section, there is a button to subscribe to our email list. All you have to do is click the “Join Us” button and enter your contact info.

You don’t have to worry about getting a ton of spam from Write On Press. Not only do I hate spam myself, but honestly none of us here have time for all that anyway. Typically, we’ll do a promotional discount once each quarter and an event once or twice each year. We will send an email your way to announce these opportunities and potentially an email each week to alert you to new site content in the resources area. That means you will never get more than 4 – 5 emails from us in any given month unless you are requesting information through the Author Service department.

The next section is the Services segment; which directs you to the Services page (sensing a trend here?).

Following that is the Resources and Announcements panel.

These panels will likely be updated once each month. The Resources panel on the left will highlight the month’s most valuable resource for you, and the Announcement panel on the right will highlight an event or opportunity we’ve found that you need to be aware of. Just click the “Read More” buttons below each panel for more information.

The next panel is another opportunity for chronic scrollers to join the email list. No pressure, but any discounts on services that we offer will ONLY be available to members of our mailing list. In addition, Authors who wish to submit samples for any of the Write On Writer Programs will want to join the email list. Finally, details and updates on the Write On Press Annual Indie Author Competition will only be available via the email list.

Over the last decade of business, we’ve realized that serious Authors will want to stay informed and ensure strong channels of communication. Our mailing list members are typically the ones that will get the most value so we offer them the most benefits.

Finally in the last panel are the quick links. Really self-explanatory, however, I’d like to draw your attention to the blurb of copy below the “About Us” section:


I would like each and every one of you to read this statement several times so that it is extremely clear. I will go into much greater detail on the differences between Write On Press vs. a traditional publisher vs. a vanity press vs. a self publishing platform in another post.

However, this statement is meant to communicate that Write On Press WILL offer pre-press, production and marketing services to the general public for a fee.

Write On Press WILL NOT offer publishing services to any Author except by individual invitation.



Next, let’s check out the Services Page.

As I mentioned earlier, Write On Press offers services in the three areas that Independent Authors need the most support:

  1. Pre-press services like consultation and direction; and manuscript review, editing and feedback services,
  2. Production services like formatting for digital, print and audio distribution, and
  3. Marketing services like Author websites, audio book trailer production and merchandise design.

Just select the service area you need and click the button to get to that service page. Once there, familiarize yourself with each service and request a price quote for your project.

Please note that when you request a quote, you will need to submit your email address. This DOES NOT automatically put you on the mailing list. Requesting a quote, submitting an FAQ, or sending a message via the Contact Us page allows Author Service to communicate with you via your email address. That is not the same as subscribing to our mailing list. Don’t get it twisted and miss out on valuable information.

When you do request a quote don’t forget to include your project name or book title. Everything we do for you will be linked to a specific project and this is how we track activity and conduct quality assurance. If you don’t have a final title for your book yet, that’s okay. However, we will need to title your project something even if it’s just, “Mary’s third novel about dragons.”

Now let’s get into the Resources page.

This is essentially a blog where we’ll offer info and insights like the little gem you are reading now. What makes this page unique is that the info you’ll find here will be actionable and relevant to moving you forward in your journey to independent authorship. In addition, we’ll be providing links to 3rd party resources that will provide additional tools and guidance. Look for honest analysis of tools and strategies to get your projects moving.

Finally, we want our authors to engage in the conversation. Post a comment that helps other authors like you move forward in their journey. You can also submit a post to be published to the page. Those posts will be promoted along with your byline/author’s credit throughout our networks and those of our partners and affiliates. That’s not a bad way to get some free exposure. We’ll even link to your author’s site or sales page to help get you more traffic and potentially more fans.

When you click over to the FAQ page, you’ll see it’s pretty fundamental. However, if you have a question that you don’t see answered, drop us a note and we’ll get you some info ASAP. If the answer to the question can be of value to the Indie Author community, then we’ll update the FAQ page accordingly. Who knows, you may get special recognition and/or benefits for helping out your fellow Authors.

The Contact Us page is a no brainer, except for the fact that many of you will immediately look for a 1-800 number to contact an Author Service Representative.

Telephone service is faster and more responsive than email, I get that. However, in order to staff a call center for Write On Press we would have to either employ service reps from overseas who do not understand the US literary markets or your needs as an Indie author, or (actually and) increase our pricing from 50% – 85% to address the associated costs.

My personal feelings on this are that if I couldn’t afford it when I started writing then we need to find a better way. We are investigating live chat services that can be integrated into the site, but I insist on staffing from within the US, so that may take a little time.

Also, please note that Author Service reps work from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM CST, Monday – Friday and are off on all federal holidays as well as Lundi and Mardi Gras (we are a New Orleans company after all).

Finally, the Write On Writer page!

This page outlines the different opportunities that Write On Press has developed to get your work published and promoted. You should look at these programs as tools that can help support your career. In the same way submitting a valuable post to the Resources page can get you recognized, increase your networks and generate exposure for your projects; submitting a short story or participating in the Write On Writers Contest can help grow your fan base and accelerate your career. The most talented participating Authors will get invitations to publish their manuscripts with us or be offered a contract to write for Write On Press and get a ton of free marketing in the process!

Let me know in the comments if there are any additional questions you have about using the site and I’ll try to address them as quickly as possible.

Until next time!

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