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Guide To Write Your Book in 3 Months

Submitted by: Assad Deshay

Okay writers and authors, if any of you guys are struggling with a current project, having difficulty finding a starting point, or trouble getting organized; click the link above to access the Guide to Writing your Book in 90 Days.

The guide is an interactive PDF that will help you plan your first, current or next project and pace out production so you complete your book in just three months!

It’s an easy read and a very practical tool if you apply the suggestions offered. Visit the author, Kristen Martin at her website, or on her YouTube channel for additional direction or support.

Let us know what you think about her guide, if there is anything not covered or that you would like her to expound on and we’ll try to get her to do a guest post to address any questions you might have.

Also, feel free to suggest any additional resources for development or production of new book projects. We’ll check them out and try to post them for the rest of the community!

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