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Yeah, of course that’s click bait. You know very well nothing in this society is free except hard times and funky looks.

However, I do want to give my fellow Indie-authors out there a heads up on a program hosted by Write On Press where you can trade a little effort and some good intentions for a bit of free marketing.  Starting this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2020, Write On Press will be accepting posts to the Resources Page.

So here’s the straight dope… Write On Press is trying to inspire other Independent Authors out there to share some of their experiences, assets, resources, tips and tricks with the rest of us schmucks struggling to hustle books and turn our daydreams into full-blown careers. In exchange for all of this positive karma, the good folks at Write On Press will promote all accepted posts and their contributors.

Here’s how you get a post accepted:

  • First, make sure the info is valuable and actionable. That means it helps people avoid mistakes you’ve already made or offers intel on how to move the ball on their literary careers (i.e. sell more books, get more exposure or spend less money, etc.).
  • Second, keep the posts between 250 and 1,000 words long.
  • Third, site any sources or include links to resources you mention in the post.
  • Finally, write like you want to be published; keep it as positive as you can and use spell check for Pete’s sake!

Once you’ve got your post together, email it to:, and put Post submission for the Resources page in the subject line. You can write the post in the email or attach it as a .doc or a .docx file. If you attach a text (.txt), file or any other file type; your post will never see the light of day.

Once your post is received and reviewed, one of the lovely ladies in Author Services will send you an email letting you know if your post was accepted and when it’ll be published on the site.

Let’s say you don’t have a few hundred words of direction for your fellow Indie-authors, that’s okay. If you have a question, idea or suggestion that you want addressed, Write On Press will research it and write a post to publish and mention you as a co-contributor, just for that half-teaspoon of effort.

Then, you promote the post and let your social media fans and followers know about it so you can get that sweet, sweet free publicity!

Pretty good deal if you ask me. Probably the closest thing to free publishing you’ll ever see these days!

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